Create Something

I had an interesting English 1102 class today. Our topic of discussion today was multimodal communication. Multimodal communication is usingĀ multiple modes to convey a message, such as images, words, and sounds. We did an interesting exorcise today to practice using the visual mode. I was in a group with two other people and we were given a bag which contained random small materials, such as a pencil, a toy car, and a plastic fork. We were instructed to “create something” with these items. Below is a photo of what my group created. We titled this creation “Box-Man.”

This creation is supposed to resemble an intelligent being with a robotic pet, and a dish of various of materials that are supposed to be a soup that the pet and its owner will consume. My group tried to use as many materials as possible, however there were some materials that we could not find a way to incorporate into our creation, such as the pencil, the clothespin, and the paperclip.

This exorcise made me think about the creation process of a text that is meant to be perceived by others. My group used certain resources to create a specific image, and we chose to exclude certain resources from our creation because they were not useful or too complicated. We used the resources that we believed were necessary to effectively communicate our ideas. This can be applied to our current class project of researching The AIDS Quilt.

I have come across quite a bit of resources in my research on The AIDS Quilt. I would never have the time or the ability to incorporate all of these resources into my papers written on The Quilt. Consequently, I have had to pick-and-choose which resources to use. This is part of my creation process in writing a paper. I have to evaluate different resources and choose whether or not to use them based on their support of my claim. I should choose resources that clearly and effectively communicate my ideas to a specific audience. This process was shown in the exorcise from class today.