Looking Back to 1968

It is always interesting to take a look back in time and see change in our lives and the world around us. An article posted on The Atlantic does exactly this, in the medium of photography. The article looks back half a century to 1968. The article shows 50 photos from the year with brief descriptions on each photo. The photos capture everything from protests around the world to a live broadcast from lunar orbit to The Supremes performing in West Germany.

It is interesting to think about change and how it affects us. The more I think about change, the more I realize its inevitability. Change is and always will be occurring in our lives and in the world. Change can be a conscious desire or it can be achieved unconsciously, meaning over time change occurs whether we are realizing it or not. A common theme throughout the photos in The Atlantic article was protest. The photos showed protests occurring all around the world. A protest is a conscious desire for a change in the current condition. One photo depicts a large number of people in Prague surrounding Soviet tanks after their invasion of the city to enforce Soviet rule. These Prague residents consciously opposed the rule of the Soviets. They wanted change.

Another photo in the article depicted a performance by The Supremes in West Germany. Popular music has changed quite a bit over the years, however listeners do not necessarily have a conscious desire for different music, we just enjoy new sounds. People tend to get bored rather quickly. We would not want to hear the same song on repeat forever, we would want something new. Over time, pop artists have recognized this and continue to create new music to be successful in the industry. Now, in 2018 the popular music of Kendrick Lamar or Ed Sheeran sounds very different from the popular music of The Supremes or The Beatles in 1968.

Even through change, we can still see the traces of what once was the norm. The Article shows a great example of this in a photo of a street in Pittsburgh in 1968 compared to a Google Street View of the same street in 2018. The street has definitely changed since 1968, but you can still see some resemblance of how it once looked. I would imagine that if you went back another 50 years to 1918, you could still seem some similarities.

Removing the Hump on Grant Street, Pittsburgh 1918
View of Grant Street in Pittsburgh, PA in 1918

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