PSD 1: First Contact

Panel: Ray Cude/Tommy Ray

Block Number: 5458


The panel seemed to be split into two halves, an upper and a lower. The lower half has the words “Ray Cude, To Thine Own Self be True” written in large letters. The background of the lower half is blue. In the center there is a black cross and around it are music notes. In the bottom half there is a list of organizations Ray was involved with, including music groups, a church, and Alcoholics Anonymous. There is a sentence indicating Ray lived to be 50 years old. In the lower center, underneath the cross, are the names Louise, Jeff, and Adam. In the lower left corner there is a pair of cowboy boots and a hat. The upper half of the panel has a collage as a background. There is a patch that reads “Tommy Ray 1942-1992.” In the center of the upper half there is a cross made of a collage of images from nature, such as flowers and trees. There is also a photo of three men playing music with the title “The Tripple-Aires Trio.”


There is quite a bit of information in this panel. The fact that it is split into two halves, each with a different name, indicates that the panel was probably created by two different groups of people. One group was probably close friends and the other was probably family and/or another group of close friends. The bottom and top half both indicate the person lived to be 50 years old, so I am interpreting each half to describe the same person, but each group may have referred to him by a slightly different name, the upper half being “Tommy Ray” and the lower half being “Ray Cude.” Ray was active in his community, playing in several music groups and attending a church. He also worked at a bank for 25 years. With the inclusion of two crosses on the panel I would suspect Ray was a religious person of the Christian faith. In addition to the panel, there is also two pieces of writing, a letter and a poem. The poem seems to be from the point of view of a lover and the letter is addressed to Cynthia, probably the one in charge of putting together the quilt. I will have to find out more about these two pieces of writing. It would also be interesting to find recordings of Ray’s music groups.

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