Sample Bibliography Entry

Williams, Gabrielle. “Primary Source Description Two.” Postscript Reverie Blog,¬†2017.¬†

Gabrielle Williams details Allen Lazer’s panel of the AIDS Quilt, with the goal of shedding a new light on the average perception of people affected by HIV/AIDS. Willliams uses evidence from the panel of the Quilt itself to accomplish her goal. Williams’s purpose for writing the page is too add a new perspective of people with AIDS. Williams’s intended audience is her collegiate superiors and other people interested in the AIDS Quilt. People interested in the lives of people who lived with AIDS would find this article useful.

Williams’s Primary Description connects with my artifact because she is also describing a panel of the Quilt. I can use her example as an influence on my writing and way of thinking about Ray Cude’s panel. Williams’s approach gives me a better idea of how to approach researching my panel of the Quilt.