The Effect of AIDS on the Unique Artistic Community in the United States Outline


  1. The United States’s artistic community is unique to the rest of the world in that it is part of the melting pot (or salad bowl) that is American society.
    1. The arts are influenced by multiple cultures that were brought with immigrants.
    2.         These cultures have mixed with other cultures, creating a unique mix that is evident in the artistic output
  2.        Thesis: While many artistic lives were lost to the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s and 90s, an artistic movement was created in response to the impact of the disease. This movement helped bring awareness to the disease in the public eye.

Section I

  1. Address artists that have died of AIDS, artistic communities affected by AIDS

Section II

  1. Artistic response to AIDS epidemic

Section III

  1. Artistic movement led toward a social change on the AIDS epidemic


  1. Show art’s importance in pushing society forward and making social and political progress.